History of SEAHUM

International Background :

Starting from a concern and caring to the magnitude of poverty and increasing human conflicts in the ASEAN, then some of the Indonesian Humanitarian Agencies, PKPU, Dompet Dhuafa and RZ initiated a meeting and coordination of humanitarian agencies in Indonesia and Malaysia on August 12nd, 2012. The meeting discussed how to find a model of cooperation among humanitarian agencies to take part in helping the victims of human conflict and the problem of poverty that occurred in the region. Simultaneously, there is an inter-ethnic conflict in Myanmar. This meeting was attended by 10 humanitarian organizations from Indonesia, Malaysia and Bangladesh and brought out “Jakarta Declaration Southeast Asia Meeting on Rohingya Crisis

To strengthen cooperation among humanitarian agencies in the region then embody a relation as The Southeast Asia Humanitarian Committee


Jakarta Declaration of SEAHUM


Southeast Asia Humanitarian Meeting on Rohingya Crisis

Jakarta, 10th August 2012


  • To condemn the Myanmar government of the ignorance on the human rights violation against Rohingya minority
  • To call upon all international humanitarian movements and global society to give aids to the Rohingya minority
  • To encourage all related parties for the opening of humanitarian aids access to Arakan – Myanmar and Bangladesh
  • To encourage UN, ASEAN, and every government in all countries in promoting diplomatic action toward Myanmar government to return the rights of Rohingya minority
  • To strive humanitarian aids collectively for the Rohingya minority
  • To establish the Southeast Asia Humanitarian Committee



We, humanitarian organizations network based in the South East Asian countries to cooperate in humanitarian activities in the ASEAN region both during preparedness, emergency response and recovery/ development



Strengthening Cooperation and human dignity



Providing solutions to helping the victims of the humanitarian disaster and poverty through coordination, capacity building and cooperation among humanitarian agencies in Southeast Asia


Our Roles :

  • Coordination
  • Capacity Building
  • Advocacy
  • Networking


The Members

  • PKPU Indonesia
  • Dompet Dhuafa Indonesia
  • RZ Indonesia
  • ACT Indonesia
  • YDSF Indonesia
  • LAZIS DDII Indonesia
  • PAHAM Indonesia
  • IKRAM Malaysia
  • HALUAN Malaysia


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