PKPU Continues with the Humanitarian Mission for Rohingya


14 May 2014

JAKARTA – PKPU National Humanitarian Foundation and Dompet Dhuafa as members of SEAHUM (South East Asia Humanitarian Committee) in Indonesia conducted a humanitarian dialog at Gran Alia Hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday (13/5/2014).

The dialog was attended by the members of HFI (Humanitarian Forum Indonesia) and representatives of different religions in order to get the updates on the condition in Myanmar.

“(It is) especially on the current problems and resources, sharing the learning experience on the humanitarian activities that have been conducted in Myanmar, “ said Agung Notowiguno, President of SEAHUM Committee, Tuesday.

The dialog aims at synergyzing the attitude and perception towards the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar, and finding solutions. The speakers were Muhammad A.S. Hikam, MA., APU, Muhammad Kaimudin (PKPU), Imam Akbari (ACT), Sabeth Abilawa (Dompet Dhuafa), Muhammad Ziyad (Muhammadiyah) and Father Albertus Patty (GKI). At this event Muhammad Kaimudin preented the updates on the current situation in Myanmar.

Since September 2012 until March 2014 PKPU has conducted 11 mission of humanitarian aid to Rohingya. “We have distributed basic aid for the refugees of Rohingya, from shelters, clean water, and food,” said Kaimudin.

“With this humanitarian dialog for Myanmar we should be able to get the inputs and ideas on the perfect formula to help the survivors in Rohingya, Myanmar, “ he added.

The humaniatarian tragedy in Myanmar has lasted for almost 2 years since it started in June 2012. It occured in the state of Arakan, Myanmar. This conflict has extended to humanitarian issues that require International response and aid.

The communal impact of that crisis is 70 casualties, 3000 damaged buildings, and almost 6000 people lost their place of living. The majority of them is of Rohingya ethnic group. Infrastructures like masjid, houses, and schools are destroyed.


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