Rohingya Conference 2016

Southeast Asia Conference on Rohingya 2016


 The number of refugees in the world increase every year. Based on UNHCR Global Trends Forced Displacement in 2014,the number of individuals forced to leave their home and seek for protection elsewhere average 42.500 individuals per day. Until 2014, there are 59,5 million individuals who were forcibly displaced worldwide as a result of persecution, conflict, generalized violence, or human rights violations. If these persons were a nation, they would make up the 24 th largest in the world.
The source countries of refugees in the end of 2014 were Syrian Arab Republic, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Dem. Rep. Of Congo, Myanmar, Central Africa Rep., Iraq and Eritrea. United Nations declared that Rohingya people are the most persecuted minorities in the world. Their rights to work, study, travel and practice their religion have not existed. The number of Rohingya refugees in the end of 2014 almost reach five hundred thousand which spread in some countries. ASEAN countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand are transit country for Rohingya refugees.

As neighboring country, ASEAN countries have to give simultaneous support to Rohingya Refugees. SEAHUM, a humanitarian organizations network based in the Southeast Asian countries to cooperate in humanitarian activities in the ASEAN region initiate an international summit which will bridge the stakeholders that has been contributed in Rohingya issue. This event will be held by SEAHUM in collaboration with Dompet Dhuafa, an Indonesian non-profit organization, established to raise the social dignity of the poor through ZISWAF (Zakat, Infaq/Alms, Waqf/endowments and other social
funds). In this event will be discussed some issues that related to Rohingya issues, such as understanding opportunity and challenges for Rohingya after general election in Myanmar, ASEAN countries role to help Rohingya and how to create good cooperation with all stakeholders in ASEAN to solve Rohingya issue. Islamic humanitarian financing will be interesting topic also in this event. Remembering that in humanitarian crisis, funding is one of important things and always needed.


  • To gain better understanding in Myanmar’s recent situation and an opportunity for Rohingya people after the general election
  • To encourage Indonesian’s Government and ASEAN’s commitment and simultaneous support for the human rights protection for Rohingya people in
  • Myanmar
  • To have better cooperation between ASEAN’s INGO’s/NGO’s working in Rohingya’s sssue
  • To generate Islamic humanitarian financing and Islam’s perspective on refugees
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Topic Of Interest

Legal Approach on Rohingya

  • The Needs of a Comprehensive Law on Refugees and Asylum Seeker in Indonesia

Humanitarian Financing

  • Fundraising : The Role of Zakat, Infaq, Waqf
  • Promoting Sustainable Development Program on Refugees : Best Practice
  • Building Synergy between CSO and Government Organization

Understanding ASEAN Perspectives on Refugees : Challenge and Solution

  • Understanding Geopolitics of ASEAN : Approach of Humanitarian Diplomacy on Rohingya
  • Historical, Political & Sociology Approach on Rohingya
  • Role of Indonesia Government Diplomacy on Rohingya : The Challenge
  • In response to enthusiasm of the call for paper applicants, we have decided to extend the deadline of abstract submission to April 30, 2016 11.59 PM.

  •  7 May 2016 : Announcement of best 15 selected abstract

  • Written in English (250-300 words)  
  • Abstract includes background, methodology, content, summary, keywords
  • Must be original and has not been published in a proceeding
  • Format: Times New Roman, 12 pt, space 1,5, A4, margin (left 4 cm, right 3 cm, top 3 cm, bottom 3 cm)
  • Abstracts criteria for evaluation:
    • Never been published in a proceeding
    • Original & no plagiarism
    • Offers ideas and solutions to selected topics
    • Writing format
  • Submit your abstract and CV to no later than 23 April 2016 11.59 PM
  • Six best selected abstracts will have the opportunity to be presented on the conference (accommodation & return flight will be covered by committee)
  • Selected abstracts that will be announced on 7 May 2016, you should submit the full paper no later than 6 June 2016 11.59 PM (will be submitted in a proceeding)
  • Top selected abstracts will be recorded in  proceeding
  • The Best 6 selected abstracts will get the opportunity to be presented by the writers in the conference

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” Humanitarian Diplomacy as Possible Solution”

Wednesday – Thursday, May, 18-19th 2016

IPB International Convention Center
Bogor, Indonesia

  • Wai Wai Nu (Woman Peace Network Arakan, Myanmar)
  • Mahbubul Haque,PhD (Songkla University Thailand)
  • Heru Susetyo, S.H, LL.M., M.Si., Ph.D, (Founder, PAHAM Indonesia)
  • Bambang Suherman (Director of Resource Mobilization, Dompet Dhuafa, Indonesia)
  •  Dr. Abdullah Sudin Abdurrahman (Presiden, Haluan, Malaysia)
  • Febi Yonesta (Suaka, Indonesia)
  • Deni Kurniawan (PKPU, Indonesia)
  • Suriyatno AP.M.PS (Assistant to Mayor of Langsa, Indonesia)
  • Prof. Dr. Hafidzi Mohd Noor (Chairman, MyCare, Malaysia)
  • Government Representatives

  • National & International NGO

  • International Relations and Law university students

  • Individuals who are interested in refugees issue

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IDR 1,500,000 (Indonesia)

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IDR 500.000 (Indonesia)

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